Daniela Ortiz

Daniela Ortiz - 5th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art. 30.06.16 > 14.10.16

30.06. — 14.08.2016

National Centre for Contemporary Arts
Zoologicheskaya steet, 13/2

STRATEGIC PROJECTS: Time of Reasonable Doubts evolves from the joint curatorial research of Silvia Franceschini and Valeria Mancinelli on the politics of knowledge production and the ability of artistic research to draft counter-narratives to established historiography.

The exhibition takes as an operative word the notion of doubt. The uncertainty and opacity of protocols that govern the present moment are put under scrutiny in artistic and theoretical investigations employing doubt as a hermeneutical device. The projects on display are concerned with the formation of consciousness and focus on the role of images – mental, mnemonic or visual in the processes of the formation of truth. The idea of critically productive doubt is applied to various different cultural realities: suspicious neo-colonial relationships, mistrustful appropriated images, and scepticism towards the strategies of representation. This calls into question the emancipative potential of doubt – could it function not only as a point of departure for an investigation but also as a tool of resistance? What kind of doubtful tension arises between documentary and fictitious, real and utopian projects? Between history and amnesia, nomadic subjectivities and national identities? The works presented in the exhibition offer a critical consideration on the meaning of artistic research as developed under the current conditions of uncertainty, a common state of fear and anxiety towards the future as well as the past that shapes individual and collective dispositions and has become a way of ordering and rendering the world. Time of Reasonable Doubts experiments with the intrinsic possibility of documentary practices to question the way artists give themselves license over their subject matter.

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