Itziar Barrio

Itziar Barrio (Solo show): "THE PERILS OF OBEDIENCE (PREMIERE)", Participant Inc, New York, 6.3.22 > 17.4.22


March 6 – April 17, 2022 

Opening Sunday, March 6, 5-9pm 
Appointments are required. Make one here

With an archival exhibition and web project on theperilsofobediencearchive.art
Curated by Elizaveta Alexandrovna Shneyderman 

And Itziar Barrio at HOME 
As part of an organizational collaboration with homehomehomehome.com 
291 Grand Street NYC
March 6-31, 2022 

PARTICIPANT INC presents the concluding iteration of a twelve-year, multi-site project, Itziar Barrio, THE PERILS OF OBEDIENCE (PREMIERE)THE PERILS OF OBEDIENCE (TPO) merges different media to generate a movie in real time, participating in a larger debate about labor conditions and subjectivity. As a whole, the project seeks to query the limits of film, performance, sculpture, and installation by deploying dissent as a tool to rewrite dominant narratives and open future horizons. Throughout the history of TPO, which has unfolded in Bilbao, New York City, Bogotá, and Rome, performers worked with directors to develop their characters. In each location, over time, this process was witnessed by audiences and recorded, to be edited later. As noted by art critic Ángela Molina, Barrio seeks to produce “an art of feeling, of bonds and symptoms that operate within a social order marked by class division and the imperative of capital.”

Special thanks: Lia Gangitano, Xavier Acarín, Johanna Burton, Niegel Smith, Charlotte Brathwaite, Erin Smith, Adrian Saldaña, Jaume Marco, Margarita Rodriguez Rincón, Chelsea Knight, Rachel Vera Steinberg, Ángeles Albert, Miguel Cabezas, Sarah Anderson, Federica Tuzi, Cristina Vuolo, Lilith Primavera, Juanjo Otero, Ken Saylor, and all the performers and theater directors for their generosity.

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