Jaime Pitarch

(Barcelona, 1963)

Últimos movimientos del siglo XXI, 2015

Customised bank statement
11 x 21 cm (without frame) / 17 x 27 x 3cm (framed)

Últimos movimientos del siglo XXI (Last Movements of the 21st century) is a clear example of the work by Jaime Pitarch in which man-made elements, inhabited by man or objects that have helped man to build an idea of himself or of what the world is, are constantly being used. Pitarch tends to dismember and reconstruct these elements and by doing so the distance between the original object and the new object, often dysfunctional, acts as a reflection of that space which lies between the original self and person, between the collective structures and our limited adaptation or identification with them. The new object often reflect the loss of the person by always applying a humorous touch.

On this bank statement it reads: “On the thermal paper of this bank statement you should write something free of all logic in order for it to last once the ink and the capital would have vanished.

Thanks for using this service”