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Lúa Coderch

We Can Still Be Friends, (2019). A Performance Affair - re:production, 2nd edition, Brussels

05.09.19 > 08.09.19
Opening: 05.09.19


We Can Still Be Friends, 2019

Performance Affair: Platform 1
Friday Sep 6th  - 3.30 pm

Saturday Sep 7th - 3.45 pm

Vanderborght Building, Schildknaapstraat,
50 rue de l’Ecuyer, 1000 Brussels

(ENG) We can still be friends consists of a single performer reciting, like in a rehearsal, a long list of sentences used commonly to break up a relationship, acting as a collection of clichés. This work is part of ECO the Girl with No Door on Her Mouth, a long duration project that explores voice and speech as raw materials and their failures that was premiered at àngels barcelona in 2018.

As the artist states: “Sometimes I find myself thinking about confession as a literary genre. For a while I began to repeat things people usually say in a confessional tone, like an echo, or swapping the voice of the person who is trying to sound authentic for mine. For instance I said:

- I have a feeling that we are drifting apart

- One thing is clear, it is not your fault. I’m the problem

- We met at a very difficult time in my life

- I need new experiences, and to meet other people

- I need time to think about this

- We can still be friends…

Using research not to become an expert on a particular topic but to explore the surface of things and the materiality of personal and historical narratives, Lúa Coderch uses a wide range of media and strategies to ask about the aesthetical aspect of topics like sincerity, enthusiasm, value or deception. Both things and anecdotes keep appearing once and again as characters in a great story that arises from the stringing of her different projects

Performance Schedule: Platform 1. Vanderborght Building 
Friday Sep 6th  - 3.30 pm. Saturday Sep 7th - 3.45 pm